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ANIA – the actress

The viewers fell in love with Anna Przybylska for her role in the TVP series “Zlotopolscy” where at the beginning of her career she played the role of Marylka, a charming police officer. She made her debut in a feature film playing the role of Suczka in “The Dark Side of Venus” (premiere 2008) directed by Radosław Piwowarski.

In 1999 she played Julia in the TV series “Flight 001” and in 2001 she played a part in the film “Sucker Season” (directed by Boguslaw Linda). In 2002 she starred in Marek Koterski’s “Groundhog Day” and in Jacek Bromski’s “The Career of Nikos Dyzma”. Besides “Złotopolscy” the actress also appeared in the comedy series “Far from the Stretcher” (2003-2010).

In 2008 premiered the film “Mr Kuka’s Advice” directed by Dariusz Gajewski in which she played the female lead (Golden Duck nomination). During the same period, she also appeared in the Polish-French production “Limousine” and several episodes of the series “39 and a Half”. In 2009 she appeared in “At the Zoo” and “Golden Mean” directed by Olaf Lubaszenko (Golden Duck nomination) and the TV series “Sons”.

Thanks to her personality and the characters she played on the screen, Ania was loved both by the viewers and the media. In 2013 she was awarded the title of “Woman of the Glamour Decade” by Glamour magazine, and in 2014 she became the “Most Beautiful Polish Woman of 2013” in the Viva! Most Beautiful poll. Her beauty and popularity contributed to her being the ambassador of Astor cosmetics in Poland from 2004 to 2013, and since 2006, as the first ever Polish woman, throughout Europe.

Anna Przybylska’s last film was "One Way Ticket to the Moon" in 2013 directed by Jacek Bromski, in which she charmed the viewers with the role of dancer Halina “Roxana”. The actress died of pancreatic cancer on 5 October 2014.


The creators about the film

Michal Bandurski


“Six years ago we first contacted Ania’s family with the idea of making a documentary film about her life. Ania’s family refused. They were not ready. Two years ago or so, we called and tried again. We presented our vision of the film and it received preliminary approval. We were mostly concerned with the opinion of Ania’s mother - Mrs Krystyna Przybylska. She was more willing to give us permission for a documentary rather than a feature film. She wanted to see her daughter on the screen, not an actress playing her daughter...”


"Anna was beautiful, and Jarek was deeply in love with her. The camera often accompanied them in the funny and happy moments of their lives. Several such private shots, never published before, will appear in our film. They also show a bit of what the film will be like. People’s reaction to these excerpts shows that this is the right way to go..."


Krystian Kuczkowski


“There was something about her that is hard to describe. Some kind of magic. We want to show it in this film. It is also important for her family. They want to show the real Ania. A girl from Gdynia, whose name will be forever engraved in the hearts of all Poles for her beauty, talent and personality. This is a film about a mother, daughter and partner for whom there was nothing more important than her family. A career was merely an addition to her life. Her family always came first...”

“...a film about a wonderful girl. About an ordinary girl from Gdynia loved and mourned by all Poles. A story of a magical girl. She had something hard to describe, something that makes us all remember her. Anna deserves this film and it will be beautiful.”

“People want to watch films about real people, real stories, and experience real emotions. However, there is a line that we will not cross. Anna, when she fell ill, was very protective of her privacy. We want to honour that. That’s why we won’t do anything against the family’s wishes.

They knew her best. They know where to draw the line and we respect that."

About the film


An inspiring story of Ania Przybylska - a brave, life-loving and dream-fulfilling girl from Gdynia. A girl with the face of an angel and a distinctive voice, known for her role as “Marylka” in the TV series “Złotopolscy” and films such as “The Dark Side of Venus”, “Career of Nikos Dyzma”, “Vulture” and “One Way Ticket to the Moon”.

Ania Przybylska was fulfilled in each of her roles. She was a mother, partner, friend, actress, and model. Once again we will hear her infectious laughter, and she will tell us what success, beauty and the meaning of life meant for her. Her family will tell us what she was like off-camera and what kind of mom she was. Co-workers will spill the beans about how was it like to work with her on set and they will tell us about her career. Friends will share with us how she would surprise them, and how they remember her after she passed away in 2014.

The feature-length documentary film “ANN” consists of interviews and previously unpublished footage from private archives, thanks to which we can see a portrait of a woman balancing her career, being a public figure, and having a family. Her partner Jarosław Bieniuk, daughter Oliwia, as well as her mother and sister will share their memories of times spent together with Ania. We will also hear a lot of stories related to her life and career from director Radosław Piwowarski and many actors, including: Katarzyna Bujakiewicz, Szymon Bobrowski, Anna Dereszowska, Jan Englert, Paweł Małaszyński, Andrzej Piaseczny, Paweł Wawrzecki, Michał Żebrowski and others.

The film created by Krystian Kuczkowski and Michał Bandurski, who have made exceptional documentaries about the biggest Polish stars – “Krzysztof Krawczyk – All my life” and “Maryla. That’s how I loved”, will be released in cinemas across Poland
on 7 October.


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